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The best placement for testimonials.

Place those valuable testimonials where your viewers will read them.

Storing past newsletters on your website

Newsletters contain a valuable source of fresh, relevant and ever changing content for your website.

TIP: Finding websites you know already...

You already know the website address so you type it into the search field in Google? Sound familiar?

Finding the right domain name for your business

If you are looking to find the right domain name for your business...

Lists - numbers or bullet points?

I thought this simple explanation from Contented on lists - numbers or bullet points - was excellent.

Greeting your subscribers in email campaigns...

Remember that each person is getting their 'own' email, so talk to them directly.

Check the plurals in your content...

Its FAQs, not FAQ's. So if you have that on your website, change it now.

Using email marketing effectively...

Send emails that are relevant to the interests of your contacts. What offer initially brought them to you?

'Google Images' is not a free resource for your images.

Whatever you do don’t go into Google Images, grab one and use it.

Online Writing tip: Type one space after a full stop

A timely reminder from Contented re full stops and spaces.

Blogging and creating other content... ebooks and webinars are powerful ways to drive the right people to your business online.

Concentrating on your website page headings...

If a piece of text on a website page appears larger or more prominent than the other text on a page, it’s probably part of a 'heading'.

Keywords are it...

If you wanted to boil internet marketing down to single starting point, keywords are it.

5 web writing tips for content and user experience

These five guidelines present nothing revolutionary nor are they difficult to implement.

...the holidays are just around the corner

One of the keys to a successful holiday marketing campaign is preparation.

Being very smart with keywords everywhere online.

A basic rule of writing for the Web - and all other business writing.

Email marketing is all about balance.

Email marketing is a great, inexpensive way to reach the people on your database.

15 tips for a successful email marketing campaign

#1. Determine what the purpose of your message is going to be.

Building trust online - 10 quick steps

Visitors to your website will decide within 7 short seconds whether they want to explore further.

Keeping it lean and mean with web forms

The best way to capture a lead from the internet is through a web form.

Three easy ways you can increase your SEO rankings

Better SEO rankings mean you get seen by more people…and that’s a free way to increase traffic to your website.

Develop a plan to start implementing changes on your website...

You don’t have to do them all at once ...

Writing tip: Write plenty of clear, complete sub-headlines

On a long web page that is mainly text, frequent sub-headlines are desirable.

Online videos: Engaging your users

Online video is big business nowadays.

I can't find my site in Google!

I can't seem to find any combination of keywords that will bring up my website in Google search results.

It's important to update your website often...

If Google returns to your website after a month or two and finds that it hasn’t been updated?

Promoting your website in the real world...

Search engines and social media are not the only way that people discover websites.

Using email newsletters for marketing...

Your best chance of getting a sale is by marketing to your existing customers and prospects.

Looking for links for your website...

Links are integral for website success.

Making an ASS out of U and ME

Chris Peters is a professional writer and copy editor.

Your customers and prospects will appreciate a regularly updated site.

Search engines rank recently updated websites higher than websites where the content is old.

Links - make it easy for your reader...

Users expect links in web pages to be blue and underlined...

Search engines visit updated sites more frequently

A website like is updated every day, and Google knows this, so it indexes it every day.

Trading links on your website

These trades will often send you new visitors.

Two essential pages for your blog...

There are some specific content/pages that all readers expect to find on a website.

Avoiding spam filters in your email newsletters

Make sure your emails don't get flagged as spam.

Get good links to your website

You can get high rankings quickly through the purchase of paid links...

People don't read online

They scan, looking for keywords.

Minimise clicking on your website

Put as few clicks between your visitor and the information they have come for as possible.

Getting links back to your website

When another website links back to yours, Google sees this as a positive vote for your website...

People won't hang around on your homepage...

A web page exists to provide something that's useful or interesting to visitors.

No need for permission to link to another website...

You don't have to ask another website owner if you can link to their website.

Don't distract your visitors...

Animation and sounds are distracting.

Explain your links with some passion...

Definitely list external links to other websites but...

Check your website content...

Make sure your website pages are the best that they can be.

Don’t go into Google Images, grab one and use it

You will be in breach of copyright and yes, they will find you, even down here at the bottom of the South Pacific.

Don't use content from other websites

It's not legal to copy text, images or code from another website...

Linking to other websites...

Internal and external linking is one factor Google looks at...

Testimonials are so important..

But having just one page for testimonials hardly works.

Moving images..

can be annoying and distracting ...

Looks do matter...

but perhaps not as important as you think...

Unique web content

Use unique and relevant content on your website

Better make sure it looks good.

Professional looking photography is key.

Organise your website

Both the search engines and your website visitors prefer a website that is well structured.

Links both in and out of your website must be relevant

There is always a lot of talk about links ...

Don't use tricks in your website

Don't try to outsmart the search engines - eventually it will damage your ranking.

Keep your website content current

Having lots of good content is great ...

The two markets for your website...

There are always two markets for your website to remember and cater for - search engines and your readers.

Internet marketing and your other hats...

If you are a small business there is a lot of demand on your time.

Make sure your homepage content is effective

The content on your homepage can be the make or break factor...

Writing Title Tags for Search Engine Optimisation

The title tag is one of the most important factors on your web page

Turn your common client questions into blog posts...

Get asked the same question frequently?

Nothing lasts forever.

Facebook is making a huge change to its news feed so that it prioritises friends and posts that spark comments between them.

Seize the moment

Visit a shop or a market stall where the goods are old, stale and unappealing and it tells you one thing - the owner doesn’t care.

Five Online Marketing Essentials...

There are many online marketing avenues that a local small business could take, but which are essential and stand the best chance of ensuring success?

Don't create a personal profile for your business.

There are many well-meaning marketers and entrepreneurs who create personal profiles for their brands, instead of an actual Facebook Business Page.

If I’m going to live until I’m 90, I have another 20 years ahead of me. And I intend to make them really productive.

Tricia Cusden: ‘Society hasn’t yet come to terms with the fact that we’re living longer’

Why Quality Content is Important for SEO

5 reasons why quality content is important for SEO. Article by PureSEO.

First things first...

What do you do? Who do you do it for?

SEO Friendly Images

Search engine traffic from images is underrated.

Just getting on page 1 of a Google search isn’t enough.

In the end, your website has to be useful for actual human beings.

Simple Tips for Writing Title Meta Tags

The 'title tag' is the element of a web page that summarises the content found on a page.

2 Instagram Tips for a Tuesday

Want to know what the people you follow are doing on Instagram?

7 Tips for Posting on Social Media

Consistently cultivating engagement on social media is no easy task...

3 Golden Rules to Getting Found

A great read from Strategic Social Profiles about names, logos and branding - and getting found!

Getting started with Facebook

A Facebook page seems to be appropriate for most businesses.

Quality Keyword Research is invaluable.

If you operate at all in the online space, you need to understand exactly what people are searching for.

Facebook Business Page Set Up Package

We can create or update a business page for you in Facebook, with your brand’s logo and design elements.


​Place one on each page, in a prominent spot.

Want to be found?

Some people can post a picture of their dogs or kids to Facebook and see 100 Likes overnight.

It’s a visual thing.

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service...

It's impossible to have all the talent needed.

Webtrix can give you a website that you can manage easily yourself...

Mailchimp Tip - Creating a Campaign

Are you struggling between Mailchimp email templates & email campaigns?

Not Sure What to Write About for your Blog?

This is probably the real, underlying source of resistance against writing a blog post.

Why Use Instagram

What differentiates Instagram from other social networking platforms is the pronounced lack of words; it is visual.

What would be better to do from a traffic/marketing point of view when using a blog?

It's a bit of a trick question since there is no right or wrong answer.