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email newsletters - getting it right 

Electronic newsletters help you build relationships with your clients and keep them up to date with what you’re doing.

The art is getting it right - format, presentation and delivery. Webtrix can design Mailchimp templates, format and send your email newsletters for you - saving you time and stress.

The key to successful eNewsletters is your customer database. If you haven't begun collecting e-mail addresses from your website visitors and existing customers, start now. 

My services include:

  • Designing a branded email template to match your business

  • Managing your email campaigns

    I’ll create your e-mail newsletter templates and your email campaigns, personalise them and send them to your customer database, saving you valuable time each time. Your clients will have a professional eNewsletter that will link them to your website and your business. All you do is supply the copy. I check over the grammar and spelling for you, and advise you if changed.

    I’ll work with your favourite newsletter provider like MailChimp, iContact, Campaign Monitor, or I’ll help you choose a provider that best meets your needs. I’ll tailor my services to your requirements.
  • Advice for improving your email templates, newsletters and campaigns

  • One on one training for Mailchimp templates, campaigns and audiences

  • An email marketing strategy to suit your business

I have access to professional writers who can help you with your content.

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Mailchimp templates email campaigns email newsletter templates Webtrix

Mailchimp templates email campaigns email newsletter templates Webtrix

They say... 

You have no idea what a huge relief it is for me that you set up my email newsletters!

Thank you! ...your service is brilliant!

You did a fabulous job and produced an extremely professional newsletter. Thanks a lot.

Awesome thanks. You have made this very straight forward and easy.

Great feedback from the newsletter... Thanks for your help with it... really appreciated.

Great team work under pressure, thanks so much...

Thanks—love your work!