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I’m a web-building specialist producing sharp, functional design that puts the focus on you. I can manage your site, manage your engagement with clients and site visitors, and I can help you with your e-newsletters and other collateral.

It’s often the little guy…

It’s often small-medium businesses and organisations that struggle with this. You need a site but you don’t have bottomless pockets, you want the impact but it’s daunting and it’s complex. So you try and do it yourself but you don’t hit the mark - and it’s chewing up your time. 

I’ll work with you…

I’ll build your site, fix your site, or refresh your site. I work with you and I listen to you. And once we’ve got your site I’ll handle the management or I’ll train one of your team to do the basic stuff. You’re in control.

And it doesn’t cost the earth

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