Links both in and out of your website must be relevant

  • 11 October 2018

There is always a lot of talk about links - and linking to other websites merely to gain a higher rank. If you are going to link to another website and ask them to link to your website - ask yourself: is it relevant? to my business? to my readers?

Any old link is not going to help you much - either for search engines or for your readers.

And it is far better to have relevant links placed throughout your website - on those pages that specifically relate to the website or web page being linked to. Unfortunately you can't exert too much control over the way that other websites link to yours but it is worth requesting a link from them.

If you are going to 'list' links rather than place them within your website content, include a small paragraph explaining why they are listed, why they maybe important to your reader e.g.

TG Design - Graphic design with business insight.
Webtrix has worked with Terri from TG Design for many years, on many projects - superb for graphic design. logo design and printed material.

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