Using email marketing effectively...

  • 27 July 2020

Send emails that are relevant to the interests of your contacts. What offer initially brought them to you? How can you follow-up on that interest to further engage them?

Be personal in your communication. Use a real email sender name and add a personal signature. Don't use "Hi everyone". Personalise the message so the recipient remembers how and why they came to your website. For example, start with “You recently checked out our ebook…” or “Thanks for subscribing to our blog!”

Make sure that your message adds value. Get into the mind of your recipient and ask, “What’s In It For Me?” Are you emailing them just to tell them how great your product is? Or are you offering to help them solve a problem? Make the value clear in the email body and subject line.

Don’t rely on images. Many email clients don’t load images automatically, so if your email is one large image, your recipient won’t have any idea what it’s about! Use images as  supplementary content in your email, and make sure you have enough text to communicate value.

Be consistent in your communication. Whether you send your messages daily, weekly, or monthly, pick a schedule and stick to it.

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