Quality Keyword Research is invaluable.

  • 22 February 2017

Do you currently have a list of your 5-15 most valuable keywords?

Quality Keyword Research is invaluable. If you operate at all in the online space, you need to understand exactly what people are searching for and how competitive those terms are.

Businesses waste thousands using targeting tactics that aren’t backed by specific keyword research. Instead of reaching the people that are actively looking for their products, they’ve just blanketed out generic ads. It’s like posting a billboard: it costs loads for such a large audience reach, but you can’t be specific about who you want to target.

However, once a clear keyword focus is established, the rest is cake.

Start optimising your website & social media today with our keyword research package which will identify 25 of the most popular keyword phrases applicable to your business and its target audience. You can use these phrases on your website, but also on social media including your all important blog. All for $249. You’ll be away!

Tip: Where is the attention?

Be in the places where the attention is, not where you feel comfortable talking about what you do. You need to find what’s most valuable, and talk about that. In total, this may take you an hour or two, depending on how much you’d like to experiment. That time is going to translate to a comprehensive targeting and content strategy after a little more work.

I can’t express enough how important keyword research is. It’s going to save you time, money and stress, while bringing in more visibility and leads, all because you took a couple hours to figure out what people actually want to find!

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