Don’t go into Google Images, grab one and use it

  • 11 April 2019

Following on from that last blog post about copying content, this is an excerpt from Freeparking's latest email newsletter:

Images – Again, the major issue is copying. Just don’t. Whatever you do don’t go into Google Images, grab one and use it. You will be in breach of copyright and yes, they will find you, even down here at the bottom of the South Pacific. A much safer way is to either pay for your images, create your own images, or use free Creative Commons’ licensed images. You can find many brilliant images (and layouts!) on Adobe Stock, or Envato’s Graphic River, Dreamstime and other online image sources. These images are excellent quality, though do be wary of stock images of people posed in unusual ways, and for a laugh, Google ‘bad stock photos of my job’!

If you don’t have any budget at all, then try one of these places for excellent free images you can use for your website or in social media, without attribution. Try Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels. Special shout out to NZ owned MyChillyBin who have spectacular Kiwi images.

Thanks Freeparking!

Image by Martin Pyško from Pixabay 

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