Greeting your subscribers in email campaigns...

  • 22 September 2020

Do you greet your clients and subscribers similar to this in your email campaigns?

  • To all our wonderful clients and friends
  • Hi everyone
  • Dear customers

Remember that each person is getting their 'own' email, so talk to them directly:

  • Dear Karen
  • Hi Katie
  • Hello Tim

Personalisation is essential because people want to be seen as individuals.

  • Personalised emails stand out in the inbox as relevant and tailor-made.
  • Personalised emails are more likely to be opened and clicked on.

How can you personalise when marketing to hundreds of people? Personalising email campaigns isn’t as difficult as it may sound, and it doesn’t involve personally addressing each and every email that gets sent out. Use the merge fields in your email campaign programmme (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor etc.). You will need to have the 'first name' field in your database.

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