Storing past newsletters on your website

  • 22 March 2021

This is an area of websites that is sometimes dealt with very lightly - but newsletters are a valuable source of fresh, relevant and ever changing content for your website.

Think about this, put yourself in the shoes of your website readers - a prospective customer.. Or yourself when you are visiting another website... Do you read past newsletters?

I'm not convinced any one does - especially if those newsletters are listed by date e.g. 'November 2019's Newsletter'.

Here are 3 ways to deal with the newsletters on your website:

  1. Display your latest newsletter ONLY
    Don't label it by date - think of it as the latest and up to date news for your readers. Remember your clients are probably being sent the news via email, so this 'News' web page is for new visitors to your website. The date maybe irrelevant as visitors will assume that what appears is up to date.
    When you send your next newsletter out, replace the 'news'.
    This can be an ideal solution. Old newsletters are out of date, the content is no longer relevant.
  2. Display the latest and past newsletters.
    If you're convinced your past newsletters include valuable content, then do list them - but not by date.
    Alternatively, write an introduction or briefly list the content - entice your readers to click on the link and read that valuable content! I don't think anyone is encouraged by the date 'September 2013' - it's the content that's important e.g. use a line from the content instead:
    Many times in coaching sessions people are wanting to make decisions.
    Making decisions
  3. Display your latest newsletter only PLUS use the important and relevant past content.
    Place your latest newsletter on your web page as the latest 'news' as per option #1. But use the great content from your past newsletters to create articles or tips for a blog in your website e.g.
    Many times in coaching sessions people are wanting to make decisions. Decisions about whether to change careers, whether to stay or leave a relationship, whether to have children or not... read more > [link]
    And leave out the newsletter content that will no longer be relevant e.g. out of date workshops.

Have a think about what you do when faced with a page of old and dated  newsletters on a website. And update your 'news' page on your website so it works well for visitors.

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