Promoting your website in the real world...

  • 17 July 2019

Search engines and social media are not the only way that people discover websites. 

Listed below are a number of other methods that people use to locate websites.

Check that your organisation is using these methods to attract visitors to your website:

  • Stationery – letterheads, compliments slips, business cards, etc.
  • Signage – vehicle and buildings
  • Shopping bags, price tags
  • Print advertisements, articles and press releases
  • Newsletters – email or printed
  • Email signature – keep this simple, see below
  • Online directories, online adverts and articles

Every print opportunity should include at least your website address – all other contacts can be seen there.

Email signature - keep this simple

They are often forgotten, but email signatures can prove to be a very useful website promotion tool that produces great results compared to the effort required to use it.

So what makes a good e-mail signature?

Start with a brief courtesy, such as "Sincerely" or "All the best", followed by your name. They give a more positive and personal image of you. You can also add your title if you want to give yourself a bit of authority!

A short hook or one liner to get people interested and at the same time say what you do. It should give people the information they need to determine what your website is about and encourage them to visit it. Always remember to think from the recipient's point of view. It is easy to create a description that tells people why you want them to visit your website, instead of telling them why they would want to visit it!

Follow with a link to your website. Remember to use http:// in the link, ie. This will allow many e-mail programs to identify it as a link so that users can click and go directly to your website instead of having to open up their browser and cut & paste the address.

Make it short and sweet. A good rule of thumb is that your signature shouldn't exceed four lines in length. Keep it simple so that people read the signature - too long and they will ignore it. Include a telephone number (in case they want to ring before they see your website) especially an 0800 number. But forget the fax, address and PO Box - they can find all of this on your website easily!

Also remember to make sure all of your staff members have one as well, and that they are all the same. A very cost-effective marketing tool for you and your business! A must have.

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