Blogging and creating other content...

  • 21 November 2019

When blogging, take off your hat as a business owner or marketing manager and try to think like a magazine publisher.

The goal of your business blog should be to publish valuable and non-promotional articles, much in the way a column or an article in an industry magazine would be. Also, think about the words you are using. Avoid industry jargon that only your employees would understand. Just as in the process of designing a keyword strategy, think of the words your customers use to describe your business and apply those phrases to your blogging language.

Without a blog, a website can be like a brochure that doesn’t change often.

A blog makes your website more dynamic by automatically injecting new content every time an article is published. Search engines reward higher rankings to websites that consistently add fresh content, and these higher rankings translate into new visitors and leads for your business.

Most business blogs start with a purpose. What are you trying to educate your industry and potential customers about?

This education is not about your product. It’s about common industry issues, the problems your potential customers face and, sometimes, the solutions your product or service offer to tackle these challenges.

A great way to start blogging is to answer the ten most common questions you get asked by prospective new customers. Do this once a week for ten weeks and you have the foundations of a successful blog.

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