Check your website content...

  • 15 April 2019

Make sure you regularly check your website pages and that they are the best that they can be. But this can be overwhelming to do all the time.

A good plan of action is to tackle one page each month - use the navigational menu and go down/across the list, concentrating on just one page and one page only - really and carefully review the content, the links, pricing, dates, products, images etc. Make that page the best it can be at that point in time.

Next month, select the next page on the menu. And so forth each month. Concentrating on one page only will help you focus on what is best for that page - some months there may be nothing to change or update - your page is perfect as it is.

When you have completed your website overhaul, start at the top of the list again and go down or across the menu each month.

This way your website will always stay fresh, correct and updated. And not take a huge amount of time or be a large project.

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