Get good links to your website

  • 10 May 2019

You know that you need links to your website to get high rankings in Google and other search engines.

You can get high rankings quickly through the purchase of paid links, and this may even work for a while. But don't do it. Over the long term, such artificial rankings will go away.

Instead focus your energies on creating a great website with great content. Something that people will want to link to. You need to do several things to succeed in obtaining links from other websites to yours:

  1. Build a website that has unique value and content.
    You'll need to go beyond your products and services, because people don't link to a purely commercial website. They do link to websites that have great articles or resources that are helpful to others e.g. they may just link to one particular relevant article on your website.
  2. Actively promote your website to other websites.
    Let them know about the great resources you have available for visitors to your website and where to find them.
  3. Never stop getting more links to your website.
    It is a ongoing part of your marketing as there is more information your visitors want or need, and more and more websites where you could place your articles. Most importantly,  your competition won't stop.

This is a long term slower approach than paid listings BUT the result is targeted and solid. It takes time and focus but is well worth the regular articles.

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