Writing Title Tags for Search Engine Optimisation

  • 30 August 2018

The title tag is one of the most important factors on your web page that contributes to organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings. It should describe the content of the relevant web page.

You should ensure that each web page on your website has a unique title tag; otherwise Google may identify your web pages as having duplicate content, on the basis that they have the same title tag.

Examples: We need to add a title tag to a page on the Webtrix website for 'website content'. Here are three examples  - poorly,  okay, and better formatted title tags:

Example 1:

Untitled Page

In this first example you will notice that the title does not describe the content of the page, which could lead Google to believe that there is an issue with the content or that the title tag has not been set. Would you want your content on Google ranking for the word 'Untitled Page'?

Example 2:

Website content  - Webtrix

In this second example, the title tag is basically formatted; it describes the content of the page and also highlights the brand. Note that the terms closest to the start of the tag get preference which is why you should aim to keep the brand at the end of the title tag. BUT if your brand name will attract more clicks, then go for it. Incorporate targeted keyword phrases in the title tag naturally (avoiding overstuffing of keywords) which are highly relevant to the page. The title tags must match the searcher’s intent. 

Example3 :

Website content Webtrix Auckland New Zealand

In this third example, the title tag is better formatted; it describes the content of the page, highlights the brand and uses a geographical qualifier. This will help target your users - those that do a search for 'website content auckland' find you.

This is a simple example and you can improve on this, but keeping it simple as an explanation!

Write Tags For Your Audience And Not Just For Search Engines

We know that the title tag is very crucial for SEO and page rankings. However, this fact shouldn’t overshadow the other fact that it is also for your target audience. Ensure that you communicate what the web page is all about in the most simple, user-friendly manner which is easily understandable by humans.

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