Explain your links with some passion...

  • 16 April 2019

Definitely list external links to other websites ...

BUT include a short description of each website you are recommending. Your visitors will then make their decision on whether to visit those websites and find what the information they are looking for. Make sure you only list links that are relevant and useful to your visitors and support your website. See this example:

TG Design - logo, print and website design
Providing visual design for your business with a range of graphic design and web design services.

Even better still, add a comment of your own so that your link becomes real, personal e.g. I have worked with Terri at TG Design for many years.

And for those links that are sprinkled through-out your website in relevant places on other pages, try not to use 'click here' but use some or all of that intro text as the actual link. And if possible use keyword phrases that would help search engine ranking. See this example:

I can manage your website content for you.

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