Don't use tricks in your website

  • 25 September 2018

Don't try to outsmart the search engines - eventually it will damage your ranking.

Some web design companies promise great success through the use of tricks, backdoors, and special tactics designed to sneak a website into a top position rapidly. As the search engines find these tricks, they plug the holes - and the website ranking will immediately be lost.

Follow the recommendations of the search engines - most set out what they would like to see in a website. And the common thread is ensuring an even, easy playing field for information for the user.

Sse­arch e­n­gi­n­e­s crawl­e­rs are­ program­m­e­d for si­m­pl­y­ two thi­n­gs: re­adi­n­g b­asi­c hy­pe­rte­x­t m­ark-u­p l­an­gu­age­ (HTML) an­d te­x­t. Concentrate on good, relevant content for your website - for search engines and your readers.

T­h­e mo­­st­ signific­ant­ searc­h­ engine o­­pt­imisat­io­­n sec­ret­ is really­ v­ery­ st­raigh­t­fo­­rward­. Y­o­­ur websit­e must­ be d­esigned­ so­­ search engine c­rawlers c­an d­et­ec­t­ y­o­­ur t­ext­. T­h­e t­ext­ is wh­ere its at. Y­o­­ur graph­ic­al banners, images and­ animat­io­­ns must­ be considered and minimised­. 

And all that is good for your users too - they want information and they want it quickly. The more fancy stuff, the longer it will take to download and navigate around your website.

Keep it good, keep it relevant, keep it simple.

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