websites for artists & galleries

If you're an artist, designer, gallery or photographer wanting to showcase your portfolio of work...

My professional websites for artists are elegant, beautiful and unique. Create a stunning search engine friendly artist website with easy to use online tools and a friendly support team. All sites include mobile responsive designs. There are options for e-commerce and blog functionality that will help you make your website and marketing efforts stand out.

I'm an artist myself, so I understand websites from an artist or gallery point of view.

Barbara MacKinnon artist

Barbara MacKinnon's website displays her portfolio of work plus texts, bio and exhibition information.

Whitespace Contemporary Art Auckland New Zealand

A new website for Whitespace Gallery. Their old website was built on a platform that would become defunct in the near future, and combined with moving premises, the time was right for a new look.

Susan Thomas New Zealand artist

Susan Thomas' website displays her portfolio of work plus texts, bio and exhibition information.


Amy MacKinnon New Zealand artist

Amy MacKinnon's website displays her beautiful portfolio of work plus exhibition information.

Kathryn Stevens NZ artist

Kathryn Stevens' site displays her portfolio of work over time plus reviews and exhibition information.

Jo Dalgety New Zealand artist

Jo Dalgety's own website displays her portfolio of work over time.

The Little Gallery Tairua and Whangamata Coromandel NZ

A website for this gallery from both Tairua and Whangamata, displaying artists' work, their profiles, events and a blog called 'ArtChat'.

Collect Ponsonby Auckland

Collect presents a changing display of beautiful handmade objects made in New Zealand, that you can buy online.

Collect has now been included in Whitespace's website.