Website Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance is vital...

Is your website harming your credibility? Don't fall into the trap of creating your website and then thinking that the project is over. Your website investment will be undermined if your website becomes outdated. Check weekly to ensure your content is fresh and correct.

Whatever you do, don't sit still. Websites are not meant to be static.

Regularly updated websites are more useful to your customers. Useful and current websites attract more potential customers. Out-of-date websites are likely to reflect an unprofessional company image. Regularly updated websites also have a better chance of being noticed by search engines such as Google, and help with your position on the search engine pages.

Maintaining your existing web files or content management system... Finding your CMS hard going and frustrating?

  1. Leave it to us to do the updates and the technical while you concentrate on content and what requires changing.
  2. Or we can provide you with instructions for the processes you want to handle.
  3. Or you can do the majority, and we can stay in the background and help when you yell.

Webtrix can charge by the minute...

[$1.80 per minute - no minimum charge e.g. a 5 minute job costs $9.00 ]

General updates on your website do not take very long to do, and mean that your website is updated professionally, leaving you to concentrate on your core business. Your web presence is important - why not treat it as such?

Even if your website is large, in many cases it is more cost-effective to subcontract out website maintenance. Webtrix can provide independent advice in a number of areas that you or your employee may not be experienced in.

Have a project you need help with? Let’s talk! I’d love to learn all about it.


They say... 

Thanks Jo, you are super efficient.

Thank you Jo, great immediate service.

They say... 

Thanks Jo, you are super efficient.