Using Social Media...

I help you integrate your social media accounts with your website, blog and e-newsletter.

I’ll set-up your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and help you with your blog and You Tube channels, ensuring your business looks professional and is optimised, and ensure the links from your website, blog and newsletter are correct.


Facebook Business Page - setup package

I can create or update a business page for you in Facebook, with your brand’s logo and design elements - find a great cover image, profile picture, complete the ‘about’ information and optimise the page so it can be found easily.

Make it look professional!

  • Set up your Business Page
  • Add company logo
  • Format & add cover photo for header
  • Update the info with company details and profile
  • Complete 'Your Story'
  • Provide the link for company website and set up the 'About' phrase
  • Apply privacy settings
  • Unique business Facebook address


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They say... 

I often get positive feedback about my website and how easy it is to get around and how clear it is! - "your website is one of the best I've seen for clear information and presentation style" - so thank you.

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