Domain names - nailing your presence

Word of mouth is an important website marketing tool - if your domain name is too much of a mouthful, word won’t get around. 

There are no set rules for domain names, but there are important things to consider. 

  • Make it easy to remember 
    If it’s hard to say, it will be hard to remember. Try telling someone the domain name by telephone - you will do this often - and see how it sounds. The domain should be easy to remember and spell.
  • Make it short
    You’ve got up to 67 characters, but the longer it is the more chance people will get it wrong.
  • Make it the name of your website
    It’s going to be part of your brand. 
  • Choose a name that tells people what you offer - or keep it simple 
    Random, quirky names that don’t relate to what you do can often miss the mark with search engines. Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple - just use your company name - it may be plain but it avoids confusion.
  • Pick the right domain extension
    If you have an international focus, it’s worth thinking about a .com (or a .net, .org, .biz, or .info. 
    If you are going with .nz, then pick the right second-level domain - .co for businesses, .org for non-profit organisations, .net for internet based activities, and so on.
  • Domain names are not case sensitive and are treated the same on the internet. It’s worth considering how your domain name will look all in lower case without spaces, something the representative search site seems not to have considered.
  • Avoid dashes, hyphens and underscores
    They are more likely to be mistyped and are hard to convey over the phone. 
  • Use your business name
    If you are an existing business with good name recognition, then take advantage of that by using your business name. Remember, though, your business name does not automatically entitle you to the same domain name.
  • Once you found the one you like, register it
    With domain names it’s often a case of here today, gone tomorrow, so lock it in.
  • Choose two or more
  • Hosting companies allow you to point more than one domain at the home page of a website so it can be accessed from several domain names. This may be useful if your company would like country-specific domains for marketing purposes. You can also do this if you have a brand name you'd like to use to direct people to your site.

You can register your own right now using our easy-to-use step-by-step registration process. All you need is your proposed name and your credit card.

If you prefer, I can register your domain name and associated email addresses, for example: or